Agrilaser Handheld

Accurately deter birds from any location

Our handheld lasers are highly effective in deterring birds directly. You project the laser toward birds, they perceive it as a physical threat and flee immediately.

Unique features to achieve the best results

Red dot sight

To deter birds over long distances more accurately, the Agrilaser Handheld is equipped with a red dot sight which allows to aim the Agrilaser Handheld at the desired target before activating the laser.

Key lock system

To prevent unauthorized use of the equipment, the Agrilaser Handheld is equipped with a key lock system.

Agrilaser manual laser bird repellent

Why Agrilaser Handheld

Laser range up to 2,500 meter
Easy to deter birds
No bird habituation effect to the laser

Choosing the right model

The Agrilaser Handheld comes in two models with different laser output power: Agrilaser Handheld and Handheld 500. Choosing the right model is essential in order to generate a laser projection with sufficient contrast for effective bird dispersal.
Light conditions
A higher laser output power is recommended for use during bright light conditions.
Distance and beam angle
A higher laser output power balances out the loss of contrast due to spreading of the laser beam over a larger surface area.
Local environmental conditions (albedo)
A higher laser output power is recommended for use in an environment with light absorbing surfaces.

Technical specifications

Manual laser bird dispersal range
Laser class 3B
Laser beam color Green
Laser life laser source 5,000 h
Power source 2 x RCR124a Lithium Ion battery
1 x CR2032 battery (Scope)
Operating voltage 7.4 VDC
Power consumption 6 W
Dimensions 527 (16.8) x 76 (3.0) x 83 (3.3) mm (in)
Weight 880 g (31.0 oz.)
Operating temperature -10 °C to 35 °C (14 °F to 95 °F)