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New Zealand Gourmet achieved a 100% reduction in bird activity in their greenhouse with the installation of the Agrilaser Autonomic

Location: Gourmet Mokai Ltd, Taupo, New Zealand Application context: Greenhouse (Food production > Arable Farms) Problem definition: Fruit and crop damage caused by sparrows Pest bird species: Sparrows (Passeridae) Time of year bird presence: All year round Time of day bird presence: From sunrise to sunset No. of birds before [...]

Bodega Catena Zapata Farm reports complete success

Location: Bodega Catena Zapata Farm, Cafayate, Argentina Application context: Vineyard (Food production) Problem definition: Crop losses due to parrots eating grapes and cutting clusters Pest bird species: Burrowing parrot (Psittacidae) Time of the year with bird problem: January - Half April Time of the day with bird problems: All day [...]

Sheeplands Farm has finally found a solution for its bird problem

Business case: Sheeplands Farm, near Wargrave, Berkshire, England Application context: Floating solar panels on a reservoir Problem definition: Soiling of solar panels, resulting in reduced energyproduction, damaged panels, and water contamination Pest bird species: Mainly seagulls and a few ducks Time of year with bird problem: All year round Time [...]

Van Mossel Automotive: full return on investment within the first year of operation

Location: Van Mossel Automotive Group, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands Application context: Car dealer(Industry & Utility buildings) Problem definition: Gull droppings on brand new cars Pest bird species: Common gull(Laridae) Time of year with bird problem: Entire year Time of the day with bird problems: From sunrise to sunset Number of systems: 1 [...]

Aerolaser Handheld at London City Airport

Airport: London City Airport Location: London, England Product: Aerolaser Handheld Birds dispersed: Sea gulls, crows and pigeons In use since: March 2016 Benefits for London City Airport • 20% cost reduction in shotgun cartridges • 40% cost reduction in pyrotechnics • 28% less low altitude bird strikes • Shorter intervention times [...]

Agrilaser Autonomic in a 1-acre blueberry field

“Bird Control Group leased one of their Agrilaser Autonomic for repelling birds in a 1-acre organic blueberry research field at Oregon State University’s North Willamette Research and Extension Center. We used the automatic laser in conjunction with an electronic bird control device in the 2016 season and were very satisfied with the level [...]

European Commission funds € 3 million project to eliminate rodenticide use

Laser fencing aims to reduce environmental impact by 2020 Delft, October 25, 2016 – The European Commission has decided to fund the laser fencing project against unwanted animals “LIFE Laser Fence”. Within the timespan of three years and a budget just over €3 million the aim is [...]

The pigeon problem has decreased by 85 percent at Dongen pallet manufacturer

The Agrilaser Autonomic at pallet manufacturer Dongen Pallets “The pigeon problem has decreased by 85 percent.” Gerard Snelders, Dongen Pallets Company: Pallet manufacturer Dongen Pallets Location: Dongen, The Netherlands Product: Agrilaser Autonomic Reason: Pigeon excrement pollutes pallets In use since: July 2015 Results • Up to 85% less pigeons in the [...]

Bird controllers are essential to avoid Sully situation

Bird strikes Effective bird control is essential to ensure aviation safety. New awareness for the risk of bird strikes in aviation is being raised by the release of motion picture “Sully: The Untold Story of the Miracle on the Hudson”. Wildlife strikes are relatively infrequent, only 3 percent of the [...]

Higher grape yield, lower costs and better wine

Company: Summerhill Road Vineyard Location: Bungendore, Australia Product: Agrilaser Autonomic Reason: Grape damage due to birds In use since: March 2016 Current laser projection area: 1.9 Ha Results • 80 to 90% less birds • Immediate effect after installation • Permanent solution • Works fully autonomic and autonomous • Allows more [...]

How to safely use laser technology in bird control

Featured is important guidance on the safe use of laser technology as part of a bird control strategy, as well as advice direct from Bird Control Group. Bird Control Group uses laser beam technology, in particular the Agrilaser®, to repel birds in a number of scenarios, including on and around airports. Lasers as bird deterrents [...]

Effect of Agrilaser at US dairy farm with starling problem

Effect of Agrilaser Autonomic at US dairy farm with starling problem A dairy farm in Idaho, United States was faced with a tremendous starling problem. Each year thousands and thousands of starlings arrived in flocks. Starlings are attracted by comfortable resting places inside which hold an abundant and easy-access food source. This particular farm experienced [...]

Techilicious: where startups and corporates dine to deal

Techilicious: where startups and corporates dine to deal The connection between startups and corporates often starts with an introduction: a classical elevator ‘investor’ pitch, followed by a lot of critical questions for startup founders. In 2016 we can do this way differently, that’s the belief of both startups and corporates. ‘’Innovation is stimulated when you [...]

Bird Control Group exhibiting at Facilities Show

Bird Control Group exhibiting at Facilities Show Facilities Show stands as the world's largest dedicated facilities management event and continues to grow. The event unites facilities management professionals from all sectors and geographies with suppliers, advisers and specialists with suppliers already signed up to exhibit from waste management, energy solutions, winter maintenance and environmental services, to [...]

The Aerolaser Handheld at Southampton Airport, United Kingdom

“We use the Aerolaser Handheld all the time” Airport: Southampton Airport, United Kingdom Location: Adelaide, Australia Product: Aerolaser Handheld Reason: Danger of runway incursions and failing methods during the day In use since: June 2014 Benefits for Southampton Airport • Improved safety; due to prevention of runway incursions • Deployment during bright daylight [...]

Laser tech keeps wild birds clear of crops

A combination of high-precision optics, filters and light frequencies has been used to create a laser machine capable of keeping birds away from fields. Gert-Jan Schep, whose company Schep LatinAmericaTrade represents Dutch group Bird Control Group in Latin America, claims the technology is not dangerous for humans or the birds themselves. "The [...]

Bird Control Group is Finalist for 2016 Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award

Bird Control Group is pleased to announce that we have been selected as a finalist for Red Herring's Top 100 Europe award, a prestigious list honoring the year’s most promising private technology ventures from the European business region. The Red Herring editorial team selected the most innovative companies from a pool of hundreds from across [...]

Agrilaser Autonomic proves to be a hit for UK pest controllers

PPC Live was held on Wednesday March 16 in Peterborough. PPC Live is British Pest Control Association's trade exhibition and conference designed for pest control technicians, surveyors and company owners to help improve technical knowledge and keep up-to-date with the latest industry changes and products. With 50+ exhibitors and a [...]

Safety is of highest priority for Bird Control Group

Bird Control Group uses laser beams to repel birds, amongst others on and around airports. Due to recent incidents where pilots were hit by lasers, one may question the safety of our products. Therefore, we would like to explain why our products are extremely safe. In the last years numerous ‘laser strikes’ occurred: the nuisance that aircraft pilots experience [...]

100% geese reduction after placing the Agrilaser Autonomic

The Agrilaser Autonomic at farmer NIVU Situation before Farmer NIVU in Achthuizen and Oude-Tonge owns over 400 hectares of agricultural land adjacent to water. Therefore, thousands of geese are a daily threat to both the crops and the land. Installing flags and gas cannons and goose hunting prove [...]

The Aerolaser Handheld at Adelaide Airport Australia

“The Aerolaser Handheld is an excellent addition to our tool kit” Situation before Adelaide Airport is – as is any airport – seen as an attractive habitat for flocks of birds because of the large grassed parcels of undeveloped land. This results in an increased risk to aviation safety through bird strike. [...]

Laser demo at Prague Airport’s Air Transport Security & Safety Conference 2015

On November 18th & 19th the annual Czech Air Transport Security & Safety Conference organized by the Prague Airport Authority and the University of Business of Prague took place at Prague Airport Vaclav Havel. Karol Henke was present on behalf of Bird Control Group to demonstrate the Aerolaser Handheld, [...]

Oil and gas stakeholders collaborate to repel birds from offshore installations and maintain safety

[slide]http://birdcontrolgroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Blogpost-helipad-november-slide-4.jpg[/slide] Offshore installations provide birds with a perfect landing spot. However, their presence is a globally recognized problem because, if left undisturbed, guano build up can reduce the safety of helidecks. To address this, Bird Control Group, CHC Helicopter and Total E&P Nederland (a subsidiary of the [...]

Impression of ADIPEC 2015 and launch of Aerolaser Helipad

ADIPEC 2015, the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference, was held from 9 to 12 November. Bird Control Group was one of the exhibitors in the Netherlands international pavilion. We launched the Aerolaser Helipad, the bird control product for the oil & gas industry. The Aerolaser Helipad offers the offshore industry a [...]

How to repel birds from rooftops using laser technology

Many industrial sites and factories consist of large buildings with long, flat roofs. These roofs are ideal places for birds searching for food and a safe haven for nesting. Bird presence can cause nuisance in different ways, for example fire hazard caused by building nests in ventilation shafts, leakage by clogging roof-gutters, compromize [...]

Australian Aviation Wildlife Hazard Group (AAWHG) Forum

On November 5th and 6th 2015 the Australian Aviation Wildlife Hazard Group (AAWHG) Forum took place at Sydney, Australia. Steinar Henskes of Bird Control Group presented our innovative laser technology for preventing birdstrikes. The Australian Aviation Wildlife Hazard Group (AAWHG) Forum is an annual event which attracts delegates involved in wildlife [...]

PestFix debuts Agrilaser Autonomic at PestTech

PestFix had its most productive PestTech to date recording over 300 visitors to the company’s new-look stand at the National Pest Technicians Association’s (NPTA) flagship one-day event on Wednesday 4 November. As PestFix director Dan England points out: “Twice the stand translated into twice the footfall as more pest professionals discovered that [...]

Women in Horticulture Tour visits Bird Control Group

AUSVEG, Australia's national peak industry body representing the interests of Australian vegetable and potato growers, organized a Women in Horticulture Tour to the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany from 31 October to 14 November. The tour provides an opportunity for a small group of vegetable growers to visit [...]

Bird Control Group attending and presenting at CARSAMPAF/13

Thirteenth CAR/SAM Regional Bird/Wildlife Hazard Prevention Committee Meeting and Conference (CARSAMPAF/13) held at Riu Hotel in Panama City, Panama, from 19 to 23 October 2015, hosted by the Civil Aviation Authority of Panama. Gert-Jan Schep, Sales & Marketing Latin America, of Bird Control Group presented our innovative laser products for [...]

Continental saves tens of thousands of Euros with Agrilaser Autonomic

The Agrilaser Autonomic at Continental Bandengroep b.v. Situation before Continental Bandengroep b.v. (a part of Pon Holdings) holds an extensive production and storage location for storing tires and rims next to the A1 at Barneveld. During heavy rainfall, the rainwater is drained from the roof through the internal drainage; an emergency overflow system [...]

UK airport using Star Wars-style £8,000 ‘lightsaber’ to scare off birds that pose threat to planes

UK airport using Star Wars-style £8,000 'lightsaber' to scare off birds that pose threat to planes Dundee Airport has turned to gadget that shines laser for over a mile Officials believe laser is more effective than using noise to scare birds The device guarantees that the birds fly off in the [...]

Successful launch of Airside Pro at North American Bird Strike Conference

From September 15-17 the 15th Annual North American Bird Strike Conference was held in Montreal, Canada. Home to ICAO and IATA, it is an international aviation centre. As a joint meeting between Canada and the U.S., this was a great opportunity to exchange information and viewpoints not only with North Americans [...]

StartupDelta Advisor Steinar Henskes: “Promote Our Own Stars'”

By the age of 18, Steinar Henskes had already won a Dutch Judo championship. He was passionate about judo but also about laser technology and entrepreneurship. At the age of twenty he was already the owner of several small companies. He had a company that developed applications using laser light and he [...]

Bird hazard: laser-like focus on flock pit woes

Steinar Henskes' visit to Australia last June did not only excite the Australian horticulture business, but now also the aviation industry is looking into the possibilities of our innovative bird repellent laser technology as can be read in the following article: Bird hazard: laser-like focus on flock pit woes Green lasers usually [...]

Agrilaser Autonomic reduces bird nuisance

“The nuisance is reduced by 90%” Situation before Packaging company Van der Gugten in Rijnsburg experienced a lot of nuisance from seagulls. The birds used the company’s roof as their resting place. The nuisance mainly consisted of clogged drains and dirt on the roof and around the building because of bird droppings and [...]

Bird Control Group will present innovative technology at inter airport Europe

inter airport Europe 2015, the International Exhibition for Airport Equipment, Technology, Design and Services, takes place from 6 – 9 October 2015 at the Munich Trade Fair Centre in Germany. The focus will be on equipment and new technologies for the upgrade and new construction of airports. With our innovative laser [...]

Lasers prove to be efficient pigeon deterrent in farm trial

It may sound like something from a 1960s B-film, but a project in North Yorkshire that uses lasers to deter pigeons is proving remarkably successful. Gavin Milson, project technical assistant at Stockbridge Technology Centre, Cranfield University and high-tech GPS company Manterra reckon that using laser-based bird deterrents could be a cost-effective answer [...]

Laser technology improves flight safety at African airport

Laser technology improves flight safety at African airport Khartoum Airport is the first African airport to use laser technology to mitigate bird strikes. Birds at the airport pose an immediate safety risk by colliding with the aircraft. Dutch company Bird Control Group helps airports to scare away birds using [...]

Laser technology an eco-friendly way for farmers to protect crop from birds, possibly bats

Laser technology initially developed to scare birds away from airports is becoming increasingly popular in the horticulture sector by farmers wanting to protect their crop. Already, a small handful of Australian growers use laser beam devices to keep bird pests away, but now the Dutch inventor of the product [...]

Steinar Henskes is one of Airport Show’s speakers – Dubai, 10-12 May

The Airport Show, whose 15th edition will be held from May 10 to 12 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC), enjoys solid support of both the government and private sectors. The world’s leading B2B event for airport procurement, supplies, solutions and technology has been in the forefront [...]

Florida based blueberry farm reduces bird nuisance to almost zero

Florida based blueberry farm reduces bird nuisance to almost zero Blueberry farm Five-Star Family Growers in Auburndale, FL was experiencing major cedar waxwing problems. Since installing the Agrilaser Autonomic, there is little-to-no bird activity at the farm. Bird Control US, one of our US Agrilaser dealers, used a drone to create this video about the [...]

EO Global Student Entrepreneur Awards Finals – ‘Entrepreneurship is an Adventure’

Each year the Entrepreneur's Organization (EO) hosts the Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards (GSEA). This year, more than 2,000 student entrepreneurs from over 38 countries competed in rigorous local, regional and national competitions. The top 44 student entrepreneurs were then selected to compete in GSEA Global Finals held in Washington, [...]

Steinar Henskes wins Global Entrepreneurship Award

Student CEO Steinar Henskes Bests 2,000 Competitors From 38 Countries for the Win The Entrepreneurs' Organization's (EO) Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA), the premier global competition honoring the top student entrepreneurs who have founded and are running revenue-generating businesses, named Steinar Henskes, CEO of Bird Control Group from the Netherlands, as Global [...]

Birdstrike prevention companies join forces

Four world leading birdstrike prevention companies have joined forces to provide a one stop shop for cutting edge bird detection and deterrence systems. Avisure, Bird Control Group, Robin Radar and Veisar Technologies founded the Birdstrike Alliance as a birdstrike prevention consortium. A Total Birdstrike Solution There is no single solution [...]

Bird Control Group to attend leading airport exhibition

See us at inter airport South East Asia Singapore - 21-23 January 2015 Singapore Expo Bird Control Group will be present at inter airport South East Asia Singapore, where thousands of airport professionals will meet at Singapore Expo on the 21-23rd January to meet, discuss, network, learn and discover the latest trends [...]

Pest Control News features Agrilaser Autonomic

Agrilaser Autonomic The Agrilaser Autonomic is a fully automatic and autonomous system using laser bird repellent technology to repel birds and other animals 24/7 from an area of 12 square kilometres. Birds perceive the laser beam as an imminent physical danger to which they do not get accustomed. The system has been tested by an [...]

Netherlands report successful test of bird repellent robot

A test conducted by CLM Research and Advice confirms that laser beams are an effective method to scare away birds from orchards. The innovative Agrilaser bird repellent robot provides an automated solution and does not cause nuisance to nearby residents. CLM tested the Agrilaser Autonomic in an apple and pear orchard last summer. Before the [...]

New Technology Tested In Europe As Bird Repellent

Agrilaser, distributed by Bird Control Group, is a newly-released automated bird repellent robot which randomizes laser beams to keep birds out of apple and pear orchards. The laser trajectory is programmed through a grower’s laptop or tablet, and makes random sweeps in an area ranging from approximately 200 acres to 3,000 acres, depending on weather [...]

UK Bird Strike Committee meeting – 24 & 25 November 2014

Bird Control Group one of the speakers at UK Bird Strike Committee meeting The UK Bird Strike Committee was organized at the Civil Aviation Authority head office at London Gatwick on 24-25 November. Present were the majority of UK airports, Dublin airport and airport representatives from Italy, USA and the Netherlands. [...]

Successful test of bird repellent robot in orchard

Successful test of bird repellent robot in orchard A test conducted by CLM Research and Advice confirms that laser beams are an effective method to scare away birds from orchards. The innovative Agrilaser bird repellent robot provides an automated solution and does not cause nuisance to nearby residents. CLM tested the [...]

Keeping Birds Away From Runways, Oil Rigs, And Agriculture With Laser Beams (article Fast Company)

Birds are beautiful—but also a problem for many industries. They can get caught in aircraft engines, pick apart farm crops, and pollute animal feeding troughs. They frustrate oil-rig and warehouse managers, greenskeepers, and fishermen. This is why a Dutch entrepreneur, Steinar Henskes, has developed specially designed laser beams intended to scare birds away. Still only [...]

Bird Control Group at Bird Strike Prevention Conference in Mexico City

From 20 – 24 October the Bird / Wildlife Strike Prevention Conference was held in Mexico City, organized by International Civil Aviation Organization. Bird Control Group gave a presentation, next to speakers from FAA, ICAO, KLM, AIRBUS Group and worldwide airports. The conference was attended by persons involved in aviation [...]

Visualization of wildlife strikes in the USA

Visualization of the amount of wildlife strikes in the USA recorded by the FAA between 1990 and 2009 The visualization gives you an overview of amount of collisions between aircraft and birds, mammals and reptiles. The following information is visualized: - distribution between the amount of wildlife strikes during ascent and descent - The average [...]

Bird Control Group elected as Kairos 50 Company

Showcasing Innovative Solutions at Kairos Global Summit, Oct. 17-19 Young Entrepreneurs from over 43 Countries Paired with Today’s Business Leaders to Present and Scale New Ventures that Address Global Issues Bird Control Group announced today that it has been chosen to participate at the Kairos Global Summit, October 17 – 19, as a Kairos 50 [...]

A short explanation on bird strikes

Bird strikes most often occur during take-off or landing, or during low altitude flight, when an airplane is most likely to be sharing the same airspace as a bird, but occasionally occur at higher altitudes. Source: Pressconnects

Repelling birds at a distance of 2,000 meters in an animal friendly manner

Repelling birds at a distance of 2,000 meters in an animal friendly manner The Agrilaser® Handheld, developed by Bird Control Group three years ago, is successfully being used to repel birds in an animal friendly manner. In cooperation with users Bird Control Group has improved the Agrilaser® Handheld [...]

Gulls be gone: Bird-scaring laser guns to be used by farmers and seaside shops

If your garden relaxation or trips to the seaside are constantly plagued by annoying seagulls, wildlife experts have offered a very James Bond-style solution — a laser gun. Don't worry, this isn't some kind of doomsday laser from a satellite but a handheld gadget called the Agrilaser, approved by Government advisors Natural England. Dubbed the [...]

Laser gun used as ‘scarecrow of 21st century’ and to ward off seagulls

Shop and cafe owners across Devon and Cornwall are using water squirters to scare off gulls but the solution to the aerial menace may be more space-age. Special laser guns could be the answer to scare off the gulls that plague our coastal resorts. Natural England have told people trying to tackle the menace [...]

AeroNewsTV covering the Aerolaser Handheld at Southampton Airport

At around 60 miles south of London, Southampton Airport is a pioneer of wildlife hazard prevention in Britain. With the use of the Aerolaser® Handheld, the Southampton Airport bird control unit is increasing the efficiency of bird strike prevention tactics and makes airside operations even safer.

Laser beams may banish bats

Laser beams may banish bats A New Zealand farmer says laser beams are the best solution for dispersing flying foxes on the Sunshine Coast. The high-tech suggestion comes as the Sunshine Coast Council begins a second round of non-lethal dispersal action at the Cassia Wildlife Corridor near Coolum. About 40 per cent of the 2,500 [...]

Unboxing of Agrilaser® Lite

Unboxing of Agrilaser® Lite In this video you will see the unboxing of the Agrilaser® Lite and dispersing crows, pigeons and seagulls. The package contains a storage box, an Agrilaser Lite, a user manual, two rechargeable CR batteries and a charger. The batteries need to be charged after approximately 3 hours of use. The LED [...]

Disperse crows, pigeons and seagulls from train stations

In this video crows, pigeons and seagulls are dispersed from a train station Gulls, crows and pigeons like to hide in stations for safety and the presence of food. This video and the manual gives a clear explanation on how to use the Lite in those situations. Stations, museums and restaurants The Lite is very [...]

Disperse birds from barns and stables

A video in which is demonstrated how birds are being repelled from indoor spaces. With the Agrilaser® Lite you can easily disperse sparrows, crows, starlings, rooks and pigeons. Stables and barns Pigeons, starlings and rooks in barns will eat the cattle nutrition and contaminate it with their wastes. Birds are known to carry viruses and [...]

Bird Control Group introduces the Agrilaser Lite

Producer of lasers, Agrilaser, is introducing the Agrilaser Lite. The cheaper and more compact version of the famed Agrilaser Handheld. With the Agrilaser Lite, scaring off birds through laser light is now accessible for a wider audience. Agrilaser has added a starting model to their product range with the introduction of the Agrilaser Lite. The [...]

Repelling seagulls in the harbor

A short video in which the use of the Agrilaser® Handheld is demonstrated in a harbor. The Agrilaser® Handheld is a silent portable device for bird repellent. Due to advanced patented optical technology a laser beam is emitted which is optimized for bird repellent over a long distance. In cooperation with scientist we developed the [...]

Disperse pigeons and crows in Paris

The Agrilaser Handheld is the ideal solution for birds repellent in urban area’s. In the video you can see how we repel pigeons and crows from the Eiffel tower and the Louvre museum.

How to repel birds with the Agrilaser® Handheld

Place the two batteries with the positive side up. Switch on the Agrilaser® Handheld while aiming downwards, by pushing the button on the back. Project the laser dot on the ground in front of you and slowly move the dot towards the birds. Move the laser dot several times to the birds for best results. [...]

Millennium Golf course solves geese problem

Millennium Golf has several water bodies and is a somewhat humid course. In other words: a paradise for geese! Head Greenkeeper Rudi Hermans is not pleased: ‘One goose produces 760 g of droppings every day, thereby destroying the grass. However, repelling the approximately 500 animals with acoustic signals did not work, as they [...]