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bird reduction

90% Bird Damage Reduction in an Australian Apple Orchard

4 November 2021
Location: Pakenham, Victoria, Australia Application context: Orchard – Apples (Agriculture) Problem definition: Birds damaging the apples Bird species: Crows (Corvidae), ...
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Laser Bird Repellent Reduces Crop Loss at Tasmanian Seed Farm

22 July 2021
Location: Tasmania, Australia Application context: Horticulture (Agriculture) Problem definition: Bird damage to seed crops Bird species: Skylark (Alauda arvensis) Bird ...
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Bird control laser solves bird problems at electrical substation

21 December 2020
Location: Benton City, Washington, United States Application context: Electrical substation Problem definition: Bird droppings causing short circuits and damaging structures ...
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Vineyard eliminated bird damage by deploying the laser bird repellent

30 June 2020
Location: Dunham, Quebec, Canada Application context: Vineyard (Agriculture) Problem definition: Yield loss due to crop damage caused by birds Bird ...
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Girasol, productor de semillas logró una 80% reducción de las aves.

A sunflower seed producer of Syngenta reduced bird damage

25 July 2018
Location: Tunuyan, Mendoza, Argentina Application context: Sunflower, seed production Problem definition: Birds destroying the sunflowers and eating the seeds Bird ...
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Laser bird repellent solves bird problem in wine grape industry

Vineyard replaced grape netting with laser bird repellent devices

24 April 2018
Griffin’s vineyard achieved a 99.8% reduction after replacing grape netting with laser bird repellent devices Location: Sonoma County, California, USA ...
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