March 7, 2019

How to Keep Crows out of Corn – 3 Essential Tips

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Crow damage occurs in corn fields throughout the year from seeding to harvest, and corn has the greatest damage compared to other vegetables.

Hence, corn growers need to find the proper bird control solution to prevent severe crop losses and health-related issues caused by bird droppings.

Here are three essential tips on how to keep crows out of corn effectively.

1) Timing is everything!

Crows really enjoy corn seeds and, if not prevented, they will get to the corn before it even has the chance to grow.

So, the first tip is to implement the right bird control tool before planting the seeds.

To keep crows from eating corn seeds, It’s also recommended to plant them deep into the ground, making them harder to reach.

2) Beware of Bird Habituation

Most growers try to keep birds away from corn fields using traditional bird control methods like visual decoys, gas cannons, and sound devices. However, crows are extraordinarily smart and become habituated to these methods after a while.

So, our second tip is to look for a solution that is proven to work in the long run.

Bird netting provides a long-term bird control solution. Yet, installing and maintaining can be expensive for broad agricultural areas.

3) Try Innovative Solutions

Since traditional methods are often ineffective or too expensive, our third and last tip is to try innovative solutions.

Many corn growers are adopting automated green lasers to effectively protect their crops from crows. The AVIX Autonomic laser bird repellent ‘scans’ the corn field and scares crows away with its constant movement.The device works with the birds’ instinct: crows see the laser light as a physical object and flee immediately when the beam reaches them. They will soon learn to avoid the area where the system is active.

This innovative bird control device can be programmed via a user-friendly app to run over 16 different patterns, so crowns never get used to it.

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