January 31, 2019

This Bird Repellent Solution Will Keep birds out of Barns!

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Birds can be a problem in many places and often it is very difficult to keep birds out of barns. They like to build their nests in a safe place that is high up. Birds commonly also look for a place that is covered or hidden away. This means that a barn is the perfect place for birds to nest.

The constant noise, damage to buildings and the potential of spreading disease are just a few of the major problems that people have to deal with if they have bird problems. Barn birds can be extremely troublesome and costly as they take food and decrease the sanitation of your barn depending on what the barn contains1.

Pigeons are one of the most common barn birds, this breed of bird can usually be found at any place that has food, such as grain feed. 2.

Another common barn bird is the European Starling, this breed of birds has similar feeding tendencies to the pigeon because they enjoy eating leftover scraps, loose grain and berries. Although these birds are not aggressive towards humans, they enjoy building their nests in cavities, such as drain pipes, holes in the wall or ceiling and if these areas are not maintained they can cause serious damage.

The biggest problem is that it is difficult to find a long-term bird repellent solution, a lot of barn owners have to do the work themselves and cannot always reach the highest parts of the barn. Safe bird repellent solutions are also not easy to find, protecting the birds and the humans is a goal that most people want to obtain.

The Autonomic can accomplish this goal, it does not cause any harm to the birds or people because of its built-in safety features. It can run automatically and does not need human intervention. The birds perceive the green laser as a threat and will fly away to search for a safe place. This bird repellent solution is cost and time-effective, which means that barn owners do not have to take on extra labour costs and time to repel birds manually.

The biggest problem for barn owners is reaching the highest parts of the barn, this can be dangerous and can be difficult without the correct equipment, the Autonomic is able to reach the areas that most people can’t and this makes the Autonomic an extremely safety conscious bird repellent solution.

Bird Control Group is a partner of the POP3 Dairy project sponsored by the European Agricultural Development Fund.

1 – 2: Aviancontrolinc, 2018,https://aviancontrolinc.com/how-to-keep-birds-out-of-garages-and-sheds/

Bird Control Group’s automated laser bird repellent provides 24/7 protection from wild birds by shining a green laser light in the area affected by the problem. Get in touch via the form below if you are interested in learning more.