December 21, 2023

New Zealand Kiwi Grower Successfully Deters Over 600 Seagulls with AVIX Autonomic Laser Bird Deterrent

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LocationNapier, New Zealand
Application contextKiwi farm
Problem definitionSeagulls roost on overhead nets, causing mess and hygiene issues
Bird speciesGulls
Bird behaviorRoosting on nets
Time of the year with bird problemsFrom December to June, predominantly at night
Laser projection area60 hectares (148 acres)
Number of systems3 x AVIX Autonomic Mark II
Bird damage reduction after laser deploymentPotentially 100% when the laser covers the entire net area
Yearly cost of bird damage before laser deploymentEstimated $25,000 to $30,000
Yearly cost of bird damage after laser deploymentReduced significantly*
Percentage of crop loss before laser deploymentEstimated 5%-6%
Percentage of crop Loss after laser deploymentNot specified*

*Reach out to our partner in New Zealand via: for more information about this case and possibly get connected to Simon, the kiwi grower.

Located in Napier, New Zealand, Simon, a dedicated Kiwi grower, faced a distinctive challenge on his farm. The overhead nets, intended to protect  approximately 60 kiwi fruit trees from hail and wind, unintentionally became a magnet for a substantial seagull population. A staggering number of over 600 birds would roost on the nets overnight, resulting not only in a messy situation but also presenting considerable hygiene concerns.

In a bid to address this persistent issue, Simon turned to an innovative solution: the AVIX Autonomic Laser Bird Deterrent. This state-of-the-art bird control technology employs green laser frequencies to discourage birds from crucial areas, boasting significant success with over 1000 customers worldwide. 

By installing three lasers over his 60 hectares, Simon experienced a remarkable transformation in his farming landscape. The lasers, operational for about three years now, effectively deterred seagulls from landing on the nets, providing a respite from the damage caused during the seagull roosting season, which typically spanned from December until June.

The impact of implementing this solution was remarkable. Once the lasers covered the entire net area, the absence of birds brought immediate financial gains. Simon estimated that, before adopting the laser solution, the farm incurred damage costs ranging from $25,000 to $30,000. With the lasers in place, the reduction in bird-related damage translated into significant cost savings and a sound return on investment.

Impressed by his positive experience, Simon recommended the laser deterrent to other farmers, citing the success of blueberry farmers facing similar challenges. The laser technology not only protected the crops but also enhanced the efficiency and hygiene of the farming operation.

“The lasers didn’t just protect our crops; they safeguarded the essence of our farm—a harmonious and bird-friendly environment for successful kiwi cultivation.” 

Simon, Kiwi grower in New Zealand

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