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The Bird Control Group team strives every day to help our customers towards the best bird control strategies, tailored to fit their specific situations. Behind the scenes our development team keeps innovating, making our products more effective, user friendly and durable every day. Our customer team closely works with our worldwide partners to provide excellent service and customer support.

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Steinar Henskes
Steinar HenskesChief Executive Officer
Imre Knol
Imre KnolCommercial Director
Bob van Haren
Bob van Haren Hardware Engineer
Corné Sweep
Corné SweepArea Sales Manager
Anas Shekhalhaddadin
Anas ShekhalhaddadinAccounts Payable
Emily Walzberg
Emily Walzberg Installations & Projects Coordinator
Casper Donkervoort
Casper DonkervoortCertified Installer
Annemarie van Reeven
Annemarie van ReevenChief Operations Officer
Joep Everaers
Joep EveraersTechnical Service Team Lead
Chantal van Holsteijn
Chantal van HolsteijnMultimedia Designer & Growth Marketeer
Ani Manukyan
Ani ManukyanSenior Growth Marketeer
Pim Tammes
Pim TammesSenior Product Manager
David van der Wal
David van der WalField Engineer
Bob Bennink
Bob BenninkChief Finance Officer
Gaia Renna
Gaia RennaGrowth Marketeer
Juliaan Kleinloog
Juliaan KleinloogChannel Manager
Lisette van der Knaap
Lisette van der KnaapOffice Manager
Kris Mooi
Kris MooiHardware Engineer
Robin Blok
Robin BlokCertified Installer
Haiyan Che
Haiyan CheChief Technical Officer
Anouk Plas
Anouk PlasProject Coordinator
Saskia van Veen
Saskia van VeenCustomer service specialist
Anirudh Bisht
Anirudh BishtEmbedded Systems Engineer
Pim Zwager
Pim ZwagerIT Engineer
Karlijn Eelvelt
Karlijn Eelvelt Customer service specialist

Wayne Ackermann

Director of Business Development

Lisa Gossett

Marketing and Administration Manager

Loïc Jacquemin

Certified Installer

Remco Moolenaar

Software Architect

Dmitriy Russu

Bookkeeper & Administrative Assistant

Dave Powers

Service Technician

Jeremy Perkins

East Coast Territory Manager

Tomaž Rems

Full Stack Developer

Bertil Albing

Northwest Territory Manager

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