February 1, 2024

Catena’s facility in Sweden has successfully reduced its yearly cost of bird damage by 85% with the AVIX Autonomic Laser Bird Deterrent

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LocationCatena, Helsingborg, Sweden
Application contextRooftop with solar panels
Problem definitionBirds nest and roost on and under solar panels, leading to the accumulation of bird debris and waste
Bird speciesGulls
Bird behaviorNesting and roosting
Time of the year with bird problemsSpring, summer, and autumn
Laser projection area22.000 m2
Number of systems1 x AVIX Autonomic Mark II
Birds reduction after the system has been installed85%
In use sinceApril 2023
Yearly cost of bird damage before laser deployment80 – 100k SEK
Yearly cost of bird damage after laser deployment15k SEK
Estimated number of birds before laser deployment250
Estimated number of birds after laser deployment30

Roof cleaning and maintenance costs dropped from 100,000  to 15,000 Swedish kronor, thanks to the laser system.

The PostNord facility in Helsingborg, Sweden, operated by Catena, had long struggled with a persistent problem caused by the presence of seagulls on its rooftop and solar panels. The birds, primarily active at night, utilized the roof for nesting and sleeping, leading to inconveniences and disruptions in daily operations.

The Commercial Manager, Joakim Hägg, highlighted that birds led to a decline in solar panel efficiency due to the accumulation of bird waste and issues with clogged sewers caused by feathers and nest debris. The need for extensive cleaning efforts to uphold a secure workplace resulted in annual cleaning costs of approximately 100,000 SEK.

In search of a lasting solution, Joakim contacted AntiAvem, the trusted Scandinavian reseller of Bird Control Group’s laser bird control technology. Following their recommendation, the decision was made to install the AVIX Autonomic, an automated laser bird deterrent system.

AntiAvem seamlessly installed the system, covering the entire 22,000 square meters of the facility’s roof. The AVIX Autonomic automatically projects a green beam across the roof, triggering birds’ natural fight-or-flight response and prompting them to flee the area without harm.

The impact of this installation was significant, with bird activity reduced by 85%, effectively eliminating sightings within the facility. The laser projection area covered the entire surface, enabling Catena to eradicate the annual costs associated with bird damage. As a result, roof cleaning and maintenance costs plummeted to 15,000 Swedish kronor, allocated solely to routine maintenance.

One of the most significant benefits was the elimination of constant seagull noises, which restored tranquility to the surrounding area and allowed nearby residents to enjoy peaceful nights.

Joakim Hägg shared, ‘For a long time, we have tried to overcome bird problems on several of our properties. We have tried several different methods without luck, but in connection with the implementation of the laser, we have found a solution that seems to be able to eliminate the problem.’

Thanks to AVIX Autonomic, Catena’s PostNord facility can now focus on core business activities without the inconveniences caused by bird infestations. The laser bird deterrent system has truly revolutionized their bird control measures, providing a bird-free environment and saving them from the challenges and costs associated with persistent bird problems.

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