June 3, 2024

Sweet Corn Growers Increase Yield by 75% with Innovative Laser Protection Against Birds

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Arba’Vue Farms, Dale A. Corn Farm, Ohio (United States)
Laser coverage area75 Acres
Number of lasers:3 AVIX Autonomic Mark II
Yield Before Laser:120 Bushels/Acre
Yield After Laser:210 Bushels/Acre
Yield Increase After the Laser75%
Bird Reduction:85%
User Since: 2021

Dale A. in Ohio, a grower for Arba’Vue Farms has a passion for farming sweet corn, but relentless bird pressure forced him to halt sweet corn production and switch to soybeans. The constant bird foraging drastically reduced his yields and discouraged him from growing his preferred crop. In 2021, Dale discovered the AVIX Autonomic Bird Laser Deterrent System, and his farming experience transformed.

Deploying three AVIX Autonomic Mark II lasers over his 75 acres, Dale saw a significant improvement in his sweet corn yields. By setting up and programming the lasers shortly after planting, he effectively protected his crops before the birds could cause damage. The results were remarkable: his yield increased by 75%, and bird pressure dropped by 85-90%

Dale now confidently plants sweet corn annually, maintaining crop diversity alongside soybeans. His proactive approach of programming the lasers in July and storing them after harvest in November ensures continued success in deterring birds and securing high yields.

LocationSteve Noon, Corn Farm, Massachusetts (United States)
Laser coverage area20 Acres
Number of lasers:1 AVIX Autonomic Mark II
Crop Loss Before the Laser: 50%
Crop Loss after the Laser: 10% 
Bird Reduction: More than 80%
Bird Reduction:85%
User Since: 2023

Steve N.Steve Noon, Corn farm in Massachusetts in Massachusetts faced a similar challenge with pest birds damaging his sweet corn crops. With half of his harvest lost each year to foraging crows and starlings, Steve needed a reliable solution to protect his investment. In 2023, he turned to the AVIX Autonomic Bird Laser Deterrent system, and the change was immediate.

Using a single Mark II laser on a moveable mount, Steve significantly reduced his crop loss from 50% to just 10%. The bird pressure decreased by at least 80%, allowing Steve to save his sweet corn from bird-induced damage. His method involves deploying and programming the laser systems in May, ahead of the birds’ migration and the corn’s maturity. This timing ensures the birds are deterred before they can establish habits in his fields. Steve’s moveable mounting system offers flexibility and efficiency, making it easy to protect different fields each year without reinstallation hassles. He highly recommends the technology to other sweet corn growers, emphasizing the importance of timely deployment and strategic positioning for optimal results.

Both Dale and Steve have experienced tremendous success with the AVIX Autonomic Bird Laser Deterrent systems, highlighting several key similarities:

Significant Yield Improvement: Both farmers saw substantial increases in their crop yields after deploying the lasers. Dale’s yield increased by 75%, while Steve’s crop loss decreased from 50% to 10%.

High Bird Reduction: The bird deterrent systems effectively reduced bird pressure by 80-90% for both farmers, showcasing the lasers’ efficacy.

Strategic Deployment Timing: Both Dale and Steve emphasize the importance of programming and deploying the lasers before the birds establish foraging patterns. This proactive approach is crucial to their success.

Ease of Use and Flexibility: Dale and Steve appreciate the ease of setting up the laser systems and the ability to move them as needed. Dale programs his lasers shortly after planting in July, while Steve sets them up in May to align with bird migration patterns.

By leveraging the AVIX Autonomic Bird Laser Deterrent systems, Dale and Steve have reclaimed their crops from pest birds and ensured higher, more reliable yields, reaffirming their passion for farming and protecting their investments effectively.

The successful laser installations and customer training were conducted by Cypress Agritech, a trusted partner of Bird Control Group, the laser manufacturer.

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