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Apply for Laser Safety course

Bird Control Group provides courses that enable you to safely use Bird Control Group’s laser products. To apply for the Basic Laser Safety course, please complete and submit the form below. Once your application is received, a confirmation and login details for the course will be emailed to you.

The Basic Laser Safety Course is designed according to the general laser safety directive IEC 60825-1:2014 as well as to the standards as prescribed by the ‘Guide to levels of competence required in laser safety’, NPR-CLC/TR 50448:2005, which defines levels of competence for those who work with laser equipment or who have responsibility for laser safety.

For your application we ask you to provide us with the serial number of the product you are using, the serial number of the Agrilaser Autonomic can be found on the backside of the motorplatform, on the Handheld devices it can be found just above the screwcap and on the Agrilaser Lite it is engraved just below the rubber cover.

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