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About Bird Control Group

A conflict of interest between human & nature
We claim the same space for our business activities as the natural inhabitants use as their living space. For decades, people tried to combat the symptoms of this phenomenon by netting, deterrence and extinction. However, most of these methods are animal unfriendly, inefficient and harmful to a company’s reputation.

In order to avoid unnecessary damage and casualties, the conflict of interest must to be solved. Bird Control Group has taken this challenge as a mission.

Bird Control Group

‘We provide efficient, easy to use and animal friendly solutions to keep birds at a safe distance from commercial activities.’

With our patented laser technology we draw the line between birds and commercial activities
We contribute to a more productive and safe environment, where humans and birds can exist next to each other.

Using the principles of nature
At Bird Control Group we know the laws and physics of nature. We have studied the behavior of birds for years and we discovered that it is possible to introduce a new artificial enemy using laser technology. An approaching laser beam appeals to the survival instinct of birds, causing them to fly away immediately. Through extensive testing, our laser technology proved to be a highly efficient technique to deter birds which has advantages compared to traditional methods:

  • No habituation
  • Silent
  • Long range
  • Repels multiple bird species
  • Animal & environment friendly

Market driven Innovation
Bird Control Group has introduced unique brands to design, manage and implement innovations based on the needs of key markets. Every brand has its unique approach to business and innovation. The product line of every brand reflects our philosophy.

AGRILASER® | Draw the line between birds and agriculture

  • Avoiding bird damage to cultivated land.
  • Agrilaser products are used at farms, urban environments and recreation areas.
  • Business focus: fast results, easy to use, long range
  • Products: Agrilaser® Lite, Agrilaser® Handheld

AEROLASER® | Draw the line between birds and aviation

  • Keeping birds away from aircraft, farms and forest land.
  • Aerolaser products are used at airports and other areas.
  • Business focus: fast results, safety, flexibility and durability.
  • Products: Aerolaser® Handheld, Aerolaser® Groundflex

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