AVIX Autonomic Mark II

Automated Laser Bird Deterrent

AVIX Autonomic is a fully automated laser bird repellent that keeps birds away 24/7. Birds perceive the moving laser light as a physical threat and flee immediately when the beam passes by. This solution is proven to reduce bird nuisance by more than 70%. Bird habituation doesn’t occur. The system can be programmed and monitored through an iOS and Android apps.
Reduction in bird numbers
Users since 2014
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Automated Laser Bird Deterrent

Carefree installation and maintenance

The bird repellent device can be easily installed and configured within a few hours. It requires low maintenance costs: the laser bulb needs to be replaced every 3-5 years, depending on the use. Furthermore, the modular design allows you to easily replace all components of the AVIX Autonomic within 5 minutes. No professional tools or skills are needed.
Automated Laser Bird Deterrent

Custom laser projection

It can be programmed with 16 different patterns and 10 time slots. In addition, each pattern can be assigned to a specific time slot, enabling a variety of bird-repelling patterns at different times of the day. This automated bird-repellent device also offers 250 individual waypoints per pattern, allowing you to target trouble spots selectively.

AVIX Connect App

Easy control with AVIX Connect

The AVIX Autonomic device can be connected to the mobile AVIX Connect application via Bluetooth. On AVIX Connect, you can easily configure and monitor your AVIX Autonomic, create new waypoints, update the system and check its status. The application is available for mobile device operating systems such as Android and iOS.

Why AVIX Autonomic laser bird repellent

Neighbor-friendly solution
Unlike gas cannons and distress calls, the AVIX Autonomic bird repellent system repels birds in a completely silent way.
Immediate & long-lasting results

The AVIX Autonomic provides immediate prevention of bird presence. Furthermore, birds cannot predict the laser projection so they never get accustomed to it.

Enhanced safety
Our new safety features make sure that your AVIX Autonomic bird repellent always operates safely, without harming people.

Flexible bird repelling solution tailored to your situation

Horizontal mounting frame
Install the AVIX Autonomic on the frame to get maximum stability on any flat surface
Vertical mounting bracket
Install the AVIX Autonomic on any vertical structures
Pole top mounting bracket
Install the AVIX Autonomic on a pole to cover long distances and overcome obstacles

How it works

From recognizing your bird problem to solving it in 4 simple steps:
Free assessment
We start with assessing your bird problem and preparing your tailor-made proposal.
Our certified installer comes to your location to install and set up our laser bird deterrent system.
The system starts projecting laser beam towards birds that perceive it as a physical danger and fly away.
Positive results
Birds don’t get accustomed to the device. Our customers have at least a 70% reduction in birds.

Technical specifications

Laser bird dispersal range

Laser bird dispersal range chart
Laser class 3B
Laser beam color Green
Ingress protection IP66 (suitable for indoor and outdoor use)
Power source Power adapter (100 – 277 VAC) or optionally off-grid solar
Operating voltage 24 VDC (@ max. 4A)
Peak power 100 W
Safety features Laser operating LED indicator and key-lock switch (according to EN 60825-1:2014), Emergency stop button, Password protection
Certification CE, FCC, 2014/30/EU (EMC Directive), IEC 60825-1:2014 (Laser Safety Directive)