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Our customers and clients in various markets wrote testimonial(s) on the product(s) they have purchased at Bird Control Group, on this page we share their experience.


Automated bird repelling system as biosecurity measure against avian flu

Orchard Eggs is a family-run farm in Forest Row, East Sussex with small flocks of chickens roaming freely in an orchard setting. The farm faced a serious problem when the presence of wild birds put [...]

Bird repellent results: 100% reduction in bird nuisance at fruit company Tack-De Cauwer in Belgium

Fruit Company Tack-De Cauwer; a high-end fruit grower where the reduction in birds was immediately noticeable after the bird repellent device was installed. Location: Fruit company Tack-De Cauwer, [...]

Less crop loss with the Autonomic at blueberry farm John Benson

Less crop loss, a return on investment within one season and other benefits gained by John Benson's blueberry farm with the Autonomic Location: Cherokee, Victoria, Australia Application context: [...]

The Autonomic protects one of the most popular wines from birds in Devonian Coast Wineries

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada Application context: Vineyard (Food production) Problem definition: Crop loss due to grape-eating birds Pest bird species: Starlings and robins Time of the year of bird presence: [...]

New Zealand Gourmet achieved a 100% reduction in bird activity in their greenhouse with the installation of the Agrilaser Autonomic

Location: Gourmet Mokai Ltd, Taupo, New Zealand Application context: Greenhouse (Food production > Arable Farms) Problem definition: Fruit and crop damage caused by sparrows Pest bird species: Sparrows (Passeridae) Time [...]

Bodega Catena Zapata Farm reports complete success

Location: Bodega Catena Zapata Farm, Cafayate, Argentina Application context: Vineyard (Food production) Problem definition: Crop losses due to parrots eating grapes and cutting clusters Pest bird species: Burrowing parrot (Psittacidae) [...]

Agrilaser Autonomic in a 1-acre blueberry field

“Bird Control Group leased one of their Agrilaser Autonomic for repelling birds in a 1-acre organic blueberry research field at Oregon State University’s North Willamette Research and Extension Center. We used the automatic [...]

Higher grape yield, lower costs and better wine

Company: Summerhill Road Vineyard Location: Bungendore, Australia Product: Agrilaser Autonomic Reason: Grape damage due to birds In use since: March 2016 Current laser projection area: 1.9 Ha Results • 80 to [...]

Effect of Agrilaser at US dairy farm with starling problem

Effect of Agrilaser Autonomic at US dairy farm with starling problem A dairy farm in Idaho, United States was faced with a tremendous starling problem. Each year thousands and thousands of starlings arrived in flocks. [...]

100% geese reduction after placing the Agrilaser Autonomic

The Agrilaser Autonomic at farmer NIVU Situation before Farmer NIVU in Achthuizen and Oude-Tonge owns over 400 hectares of agricultural land adjacent to water. Therefore, thousands of geese [...]


Aerolaser Handheld at Frankfurt Airport

Airport: Frankfurt Airport Location: Frankfurt, Germany Product: Aerolaser Handheld Reason: Bird dispersal in addition to ecological approach In use since: February 2016 Benefits for Frankfurt Airport • Works [...]

Aerolaser Handheld at London City Airport

Airport: London City Airport Location: London, England Product: Aerolaser Handheld Birds dispersed: Sea gulls, crows and pigeons In use since: March 2016 Benefits for London City Airport • 20% cost reduction in [...]

Testimonial Jersey International Airport

Company: Jersey International Airport Location: Jersey, United Kingdom Product: Aerolaser Handheld Reason: Danger of low altitude bird strikes In use since: Summer of 2015 Benefits for Jersey International [...]

The Aerolaser Handheld at Southampton Airport, United Kingdom

“We use the Aerolaser Handheld all the time” Airport: Southampton Airport, United Kingdom Location: Adelaide, Australia Product: Aerolaser Handheld Reason: Danger of runway incursions and failing methods during the day In use since: [...]

The Aerolaser Handheld at Adelaide Airport Australia

“The Aerolaser Handheld is an excellent addition to our tool kit” Situation before Adelaide Airport is – as is any airport – seen as an attractive habitat for flocks of birds because of [...]

Industrial sites and factories

Van Mossel Automotive: full return on investment within the first year of operation

Location: Van Mossel Automotive Group, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands Application context: Car dealer(Industry & Utility buildings) Problem definition: Gull droppings on brand new cars Pest bird species: Common gull(Laridae) Time of year [...]

Laser beats hundreds of jackdaws

Company: Logistics service provider Van Rooijen Logistiek Location: Eindhoven, The Netherlands Product: Agrilaser Autonomic Reason: Nuisance caused by hundreds of jackdaws In use since: April 2016 Results • [...]

The pigeon problem has decreased by 85 percent at Dongen pallet manufacturer

The Agrilaser Autonomic at pallet manufacturer Dongen Pallets “The pigeon problem has decreased by 85 percent.” Gerard Snelders, Dongen Pallets Company: Pallet manufacturer Dongen Pallets Location: Dongen, The Netherlands Product: Agrilaser [...]

How to repel birds from rooftops using laser technology

Many industrial sites and factories consist of large buildings with long, flat roofs. These roofs are ideal places for birds searching for food and a safe haven for nesting. Bird presence can cause [...]

Continental saves tens of thousands of Euros with Agrilaser Autonomic

The Agrilaser Autonomic at Continental Bandengroep b.v. Situation before Continental Bandengroep b.v. (a part of Pon Holdings) holds an extensive production and storage location for storing tires and rims next to the A1 [...]

Agrilaser Autonomic reduces bird nuisance

“The nuisance is reduced by 90%” Situation before Packaging company Van der Gugten in Rijnsburg experienced a lot of nuisance from seagulls. The birds used the company’s roof as their resting place. The [...]

Renewable energy

Sheeplands Farm has finally found a solution for its bird problem

Business case: Sheeplands Farm, near Wargrave, Berkshire, England Application context: Floating solar panels on a reservoir Problem definition: Soiling of solar panels, resulting in reduced energyproduction, damaged panels, and water [...]

Real estate

  • Testimonial Verzorgingstehuis Fleurâge Residences

Nursing home Fleurâge Residences

The Agrilaser Handheld at nursing home Fleurâge Residences Company: Nursing home Fleurâge Residences Location: Bloemendaal, The Netherlands Product: Agrilaser Handheld Reason: Noise pollution by Egyptian geese In use since: Januari 2016 [...]

Millennium Golf course solves geese problem

Millennium Golf has several water bodies and is a somewhat humid course. In other words: a paradise for geese! Head Greenkeeper Rudi Hermans is not pleased: ‘One goose produces 760 g of droppings [...]