Invitation to submit research project proposals

We would like to invite you to work with us to design and execute research projects.

Bird Control Group is an innovative and fast-growing company, we are on a mission to provide an innovative solution to keep birds at a safe distance and to impact the world positively: to keep food industry safe and sustainable, to provide golf players with clean golf courses with no bird guano, to make sure that you can fly safely with no birds getting stuck in the airplane engine, to make sure you can enjoy wine made from high quality grapes that are not damaged by birds and much more.

We operate in about 90 countries around the world with offices in Chile, USA and the Netherlands. Customers include Total E&P Nederland, Shell, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Rentokil, large horticultural companies around the world and many more.

What we are looking for:

  • Research on the effectiveness of our laser technology in different sectors
  • Effects of different bird species
  • Effectiveness of bird detection tools
  • Any topic related to our solutions you can think off.

We sponsor the research project and equipment that might be needed.

We are open to any ideas of your own, if you have any ideas or questions please contact us. You can send an e-mail to or call us via +31 23 230 2030.