Automated bird proofing system for solar panels

The AVIX Autonomic Mark II automatically projects a green laser light that scares pigeons and many other pest birds away immediately. Birds perceive the green laser light as a solid object and flee immediately when the beam moves towards them. Habituation does not occur: the movement on the laser never becomes predictable, so birds do not get used to it. The system can be easily programmed and monitored via a user-friendly app.

Why you should bird-proof your solar panels

Pigeons and other pest birds can seriously compromise your solar plant. Birds cover the surface of your solar panels with their droppings, decreasing the panel’s overall performance and effectiveness. Furthermore, droppings are highly corrosive and damage your solar panels’ exterior and interior components, impacting your investment negatively.

Benefits of our laser bird repellents

Reduced bird presence by up to 99%
Eliminated bird damage to solar panels & cleaning costs
Prevented bird nesting under your solar panels
Neighbor-friendly solution
Our happy customers

Thousands of customers from different sectors around the world rely on us to solve their bird problems.

User experience stories

Portable bird proofing system
for solar panels

Agrilaser Handheld

Our handheld laser provides an immediate and highly effective bird repellent for solar panels. Pigeons and many other pest bird species perceive the laser beam as a physical threat and flee. In ideal weather conditions, the lasers have a range of up to 2500 meters.
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