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The Agrilaser Autonomic is a fully automated bird repelling system, providing continuous bird repelling capability after one time configuration.

The principle of repelling birds with a laser beam is inspired by nature. Birds perceive the approaching laser beam as a physical danger. It appeals to the survival instinct, causing the birds to fly away. The continuous presence of the moving laser beam keeps areas free of birds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • 24/7 prevention of bird presence
  • Easy to deploy in every desired situation
  • Safe for humans and birds
  • Multiple power sources

The Agrilaser Autonomic comes in three models with different laser output power: Autonomic 100, 200 and 500. Choosing the right model is essential in order to generate a laser projection with sufficient contrast for effective bird dispersal.

Light conditions
A higher laser output power is recommended for use during bright light conditions.

Distance and beam angle
A higher laser output power balances out the loss of contrast due to spreading of the laser beam over a larger surface area.

Local environmental conditions (albedo)
A higher laser output power is recommended for use in an environment with light absorbing surfaces.

Autonomic 100

The Autonomic 100 has an output power that is sufficient for use in moderate light conditions.

Autonomic 200

The Autonomic 200 was developed for use during bright daylight. It is twice as powerful as the basic model.

Autonomic 500

The Autonomic 500 is the top of the line. The laser source has an output power that is high enough to repel birds over long distances even during bright light conditions.

Long range up to 2,500 meters
The Agrilaser Autonomic enables effective bird repelling across long distances and wide areas up to 3,000 acres.

Animal and environmentally friendly
The Agrilaser Autonomic is a clean and silent solution, which is completely harmless to birds.

Long-term effectiveness
The Agrilaser Autonomic maintains its repelling effect over time.

The ultimate laser beam
Bird Control Group dedicated years of research to develop the ultimate laser beam. This was accomplished by applying a combination of highly precise optics, filtering and light frequencies. The result is exceptional performance in bird repelling.

Aerolaser Groundflex automatic bird strike prevention laser system

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“We are interested in using the bird scaring laser again in the future to help reduce crop losses and maintain our high quality fruit.”

Amanda Vance, Faculty Research Assistant Berry Crops at Oregon State University, Read more

“An Agrilaser Autonomic was installed in the stable and the effect was immediately visible. The starlings left the stable as soon as the laser beam was coming in their direction.”

“That problem now belongs to the past, because all geese are and stay away. It also works very well on land with potatoes. the results are very satisfying.”

Jack van Vugt, Read more

“The pigeon problem has decreased by 85 percent.”

Gerard Snelders, Dongen Pallets, Read more
“This novel piece of technology appears to have effectively protected the cabbages. The vast majority of plants have received no unwanted attention from pigeons at all.”
Gavin Milson, Stockbridge Technology Centre
“After the deployment of the laser it became a lot quieter. The large groups of corvids disappeared. I am very satisfied with the automated laser. The system is noiseless and it seems that the birds do not get used to the laser beam. The installation was easy and it requires no maintenance.”
Arnold Bosgoed, Dutch farmer
“The Autonomic repels the corvids from the apple and pear orchard. The damage inflicted by the corvids wasn’t observed after the deployment of the Autonomic.”
Researcher Joost Lommen, CLM Research & Advice
“Instead of shooting birds, we should focus on repelling methods with for example laser beams that shine on agricultural lands. This is a very ingenious system to deter geese.”
The Agilaser Autonomic is powered by AC power by default. To enable operation where grid power is not available, the Agilaser Autonomic can be equipped with an additional solar charging system.
Every component of the Agilaser Autonomic is carefully selected to meet high grade industrial quality standards, to ensure operation in the field with minimal maintenance.
The Agrilaser Autonomic is provided with intuitive software, enabling easy and fast configuration. The flexible nature of the Agrilaser Autonomic allows configuration of up to 3 time slots and 16 different zones, enabling bird repelling capabilty at the periods and places of your choice.


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