October 3, 2023

Bang & Olufsen implements the AVIX Autonomic laser bird deterrent, ensuring a safer facility and saving 100,000 DKK on cleaning costs

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Location:Struer, Denmark
Application context:14,000 square meters of rooftop
Problem definition:Safety issues, high cleaning costs 
Bird species:Seagulls
Bird behavior:Birds nesting and fouling on the facility’s rooftop
Time of the year with bird problems:All year round
Time of the day with bird problems:Mostly at night
Number of systems:1 x AVIX Autonomic Mark II
In use since:2023
Bird reduction after the system has been installed:100%
Maintenance costs before the laser deployment:150,000 Danish kroner
Maintenance costs after the laser deployment:5,000–10,000 Danish kroner

The laser bird deterrent has revolutionised bird control measures at Bang & Olufsen, creating a bird-free environment

The Bang & Olufsen facility in Struer, Denmark, used to face a persistent bird problem caused by the seagull presence on its rooftop. The birds were primarily active at night as they utilized the roof for nesting and sleeping, causing inconvenience and disruption to the daily operations.

According to the Senior Facility Manager, Jacob Stenled Yde Madsen, the accumulation of bird waste led to foul odors permeating the building through the ventilation system. Furthermore, the facility faced issues with clogged sewers due to feathers and nest debris, causing additional challenges and financial burdens.

Maintaining a secure and pristine workplace demanded significant cleaning efforts, as the facility had to remove an astonishing 14 tons of bird waste, resulting in an expenditure of 150,000 Danish kroner. 

In search of a long-term, effective solution, Jacob contacted the bird control company AntiAvem, the trusted Scandinavian reseller of Bird Control Group’s laser bird control technology, which recommended installing the automated laser bird deterrent system AVIX Autonomic. 

The AVIX Autonomic’s moving green beam creates the appearance of an unsafe environment by simulating the presence of an approaching predator; as a result, the bird flees immediately.

The system has been seamlessly installed on the rooftop by Anti Avem, resulting in a remarkable transformation. By reducing bird activity by 100%, the AVIX Autonomic has effectively eradicated any bird sightings, creating a bird-free environment within the facility.

With a roof spanning approximately 14,000 square meters, the laser projection area covers the entire surface, allowing the facility to eliminate the annual costs associated with bird damage. 

Since the installation of the AVIX Autonomic, the facility’s roof cleaning and maintenance costs have gone down to 5,000–10,000 Danish kroner dedicated to routine maintenance.

Finally, the system has successfully addressed the constant seagull noises that prevented nearby residents from enjoying a peaceful night’s sleep, restoring tranquility to the surrounding area.

The laser bird deterrent system has revolutionized the bird control measures at Bang & Olufsen. It has provided a bird-free environment, eliminating the challenges and costs associated with bird infestations. This allows the facility to concentrate on their core business activities without the inconveniences caused by birds.

‘’The laser bird deterrent reduced seagulls’ presence by 100%. We honestly haven’t seen any birds, and we have the camera on the roof so we would see them if they were there.’’

Jacob Stenled Yde Madsen, the Senior Manager of Facilities

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