December 1, 2020

Bird Control Device Proves to Eliminate Bird Damage in Canada

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Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada, December 3, 2020- 2 minutes reading time

Growers in Niagara were looking for alternatives to bird bangers and netting when they came across and tested an innovative bird control device.

Bird Control Device Proves to Eliminate Bird Damage

Residents of Niagara complained for years about the noise of the bird bangers when Wade Stark, vineyard operations manager for Peller Estates Winery, decided to try the laser bird repellent AVIX Autonomic. He mounted a laser unit in an area of the vineyard growing Gamay Noir and Cabernet Franc grapes and tested the system.

“It’s a trial,” Stark explains. Last year the grapes in that part of the vineyard were netted, but this year “we decided to give it a go without the nets up.”

According to Stark, installing bird netting can be quite time consuming and labor intensive, while the laser bird deterrent requires a short-term capital investment that allows saving money in the long-term.

The positive bird repelling results

Stark reported that he didn’t see any evidence of bird damage in the area where the bird control laser was installed. “Without any deterrent, there would be bird pressure already” he said, proving the effectiveness of this innovative bird control device.

The automated laser system is manufactured by Dutch based company Bird Control Group and is designed to repel birds from an area that they are pestering or foraging.

This is executed by projecting a green laser beam towards the area, the birds perceive this as a threat and are immediately scared away by the beam. Jeremy Perkins, from Bird Control Group explains that ‘’birds never get used to the laser, because we set multiple different patterns that constantly change and are never predictable’’.

Bird Control Device Proves to Eliminate Bird Damage

More growers adopting Bird Control Group’s lasers

Many curious growers in the area decided to try this innovative bird control device and reported positive results. Lee Kuhn, owner of Malivoire Wine Company in Beamsville, Ontario, deployed two laser bird deterrent devices and mentioned that the initial signs are extremely favorable.

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