May 8, 2019

What Happens When there are Bird Nests at Railways?

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There are many reported bird problems at railway stations around the world. The biggest and most dangerous one is when birds build their nests at the railway stations.

The stations have to spend a lot of time and money trying to get rid of the bird nests that are usually built high up on the station’s ceilings. This also includes expenses for cleaning the facilities that have been damaged by bird droppings.

Why do birds nest at railways?

Birds nest at railways because they prefer dark, quiet, high and safe places that are usually protected from any predators. In such places, it makes it much more difficult for people to get to the bird nests1.

There are two well-known cases of bird damage at railway stations. Roosevelt Island station in New York had a lot of bird problems from pigeons and people were concerned about the bird droppings being unhygienic. Roosevelt Island station implemented a sound device that scared the birds away. However, the passengers were not fond of this technique and the birds were becoming habituated to the sound device1.

The second case is at St Pancras station in the United Kingdom. Their building has extremely high ceilings with industrial barriers supporting it. This became the prime place for the birds to build their nests. The employees couldn’t reach the areas to remove the bird nests, so they brought in a hawk to fly around the station and scare away the birds2. Despite trying different solutions, they still found it difficult to remove all of the bird nests in a cost-effective manner.

An alternative to these traditional methods would be the Autonomic. This innovative technology projects a green laser beam towards the birds, the birds perceive the green laser as a threat and move on to a safer place. The Autonomic is a cost-effective solution. It is a fully automated system that scares birds away in a friendly way. The built-in safety features eliminate potential hazards to the birds, as well as humans, assuring that the Autonomic is a safe and effective bird repellent.

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