August 19, 2014

Bird Scaring Laser Used by Farmers and Seaside Shops

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If your garden relaxation or trips to the seaside are constantly plagued by annoying seagulls, wildlife experts have offered a very James Bond-style solution — a laser gun.

Don’t worry, this isn’t some kind of doomsday laser from a satellite but a handheld gadget called the Agrilaser, approved by Government advisors Natural England.

Dubbed the “scarecrow of the 21st century” it has a range up to 2km and fires a green beam that gulls are terrified of — best of all it won’t need a licence to use.

The laser is marketed primarily at farmers but is now being recommended as the answer to the gull problem in areas renowned for menacing seagulls.

Shop and cafe owners across Devon and Cornwall have started using water squirters to scare off greedy gulls, while some councils are hiring falcons.

The gun – which was developed in the Netherlands – is being sold for £676. The manufacturers say that unlike conventional methods of deterrence, the gulls will not get used to the laser beam and will be always be repelled.

Simon Prentis tried it out when he moved from London to Cheltenham, Glos, and found his new home plagued by gulls nesting on the roof of a block of flats nearby. He said: “I hit upon the laser idea myself, and then discovered this Dutch company have actually developed something specific for birds.

Natural England’s lead management wildlife advisor, Mary Hunter, gave the go-ahead for lasers to be deployed in this country, and said a range of measures were needed. She said: “There are remedial actions people can take to protect themselves from being dive-bombed by herring gulls, such as always covering their heads with an umbrella or similar when walking past problem nesting areas.

“I know that sounds silly during warm, sunny weather, but it is up to individuals to protect themselves.”

Source: Daily Star

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