December 23, 2021

How to Get Rid of Canada Geese Effectively

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By Susan Hagberg

President, Wild Goose Chase

As beautiful a sight as flocks of migrating birds can be, Canada geese can exact a toll on your property that the word “nuisance” fails to adequately describe.

Why Should You Get Rid of Canada Geese?

A single Canada goose can leave behind up to two pounds of waste per day – a slippery mess that carries the risk of bacterial contamination and disease in addition to creating a slip and fall hazard.

Geese are a recurring problem for many industries in a variety of environments. The damage to parks, rooftops, golf courses, campuses, and agribusinesses can be substantial from destroyed landscaping to damaged crops to slip-and-fall injuries, in addition to bird waste clean-up costs.

Are Canada Geese Federally Protected?

Geese remain a federally protected species even though the population is continuing to increase, in part due to the ideal habitat created by human activity. A 2000 estimate put the North American population at between 4.2 and 5.6 million. Goose control techniques must be performed in accordance with a variety of state and federal regulations as a result of their protected status.

Finding the Right Mix of Prevention & Geese Deterrents

Bird issues are often complex, so an effective strategy should include an integrated approach with input from biologists with bird experience. The right mix of prevention and deterrence can include things like:

• Canine harassment
• Nest management
• Habitat modification
• Structural barriers
• Chemical repellents
• Bird lasers

Geese typically spend most of their time, and do most of their damage in large, open areas like manicured landscapes, crop fields, and rooftops. These areas can be difficult and cost-prohibitive to exclude geese utilizing traditional physical or widespread chemical deterrent applications.
For this reason, long-range laser technology is one of the preferred bird control methods to scare geese away from broad areas effectively.

Get Rid of Geese with Bird Laser Technology

Fortunately for goose management professionals, laser technology has been developed specifically for bird management scenarios such as this. Laser deterrence can be an especially effective strategy for large areas like airports, golf courses, corporate and industrial campuses, and agricultural settings with both automated and handheld laser options.

Research has shown that not all lasers are equal when it comes to frightening birds. Laser color, beam diameter, and movement patterns can affect the degree to which birds perceive the lasers as a threat. The AVIX Autonomic and Agrilaser technology from Bird Control Group are designed to frighten a wide range of bird species resulting in an effective, long-term solution.

Geese do not become habituated to lasers like they do with other static deterrent tools like cannons and coyote decoys, and will consistently move away from them. This is especially true when lasers are operated by experts who understand bird behavior. Attempting to scare off geese with cannons or other loud noises only works temporarily and often annoys the neighbors more than the birds.

Professional Help to Resolve Your Canada Geese Conflicts

Help from bird professionals and biologists is the key to success for solving your bird conflicts, particularly with Canada geese. Effective bird management begins with an evaluation of your property to determine the right mix of prevention and deterrence.

About the Author: At Wild Goose Chase, our team of bird biologists and experts has used a variety of handheld lasers for humane bird control for two decades, and was the earliest bird management team to put Bird Control Group laser technology to use in the United States. We are a certified installer and integrator of the AVIX Autonomic system, which we have installed throughout the country to provide automated 24/7 bird deterrence to protect a variety of properties, including commercial rooftops, agriculture environments, processing and manufacturing plants, and refineries.

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