May 7, 2024

How to Keep Birds Away Immediately and Permanently. A Simple, Yet Effective, Guide.

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How to keep birds away effectively is a very common question, as pest birds cause many different issues for human activities:

  • they spread several diseases, from Salmonella to Avian influenza.
  • bird’s dropping are highly corrosive and cause serious damages to buildings, residential areas and commercial facilities.
  • they are also greedy for many different crops, leaving growers with huge yield (and revenue) losses.

This short guide will explain how to scare birds away by looking into their nature and instinctive reactions.

How to Keep Birds Away Effectively

First Step: Bird-Proofing Your Environment

Keeping birds away often requires a multifaceted approach that combines various methods. Before implementing a bird control system, you can work on the environment to make it less attractive.

You can do this by following the actions below:

  • Remove Food Sources: Ensure that food sources such as bird feeders, spilled pet food, and open garbage bins are inaccessible to birds.
  • Remove Water Sources: Fix leaky faucets, drain standing water, and cover swimming pools to eliminate sources of water that attract birds.
  • Block Access: Seal off entry points to buildings, attics, and vents to prevent birds from nesting or roosting indoors.
  • Maintain Landscaping: Trim trees and bushes near buildings to remove potential roosting and nesting sites. Please keep in mind that this operation needs to be done prior to the nesting season, as removing an active nest could be both illegal and ethically questionable.
  • Implement Habitat Modification: Modify the environment to make it less attractive. For example, use bird-resistant building materials, install sloped surfaces to prevent perching, or plant deterring vegetation.

These steps are a great starting point but are usually not enough to bird-proof your environment, especially when dealing with a persistent bird problem.

So after taking the first actions to make your location less bird-friendly, you need to look for an effective bird deterrent. If you don’t know where to start, you can take a look at our guide on What Is the Best Bird Deterrent in 2024?.

Second Step: Choosing a Bird Deterrent.

Numerous online articles offer strategies to deter birds, often recommending visual deterrents such as fake predator statues or acoustic decoys like distress calls. While these traditional methods may yield short-term results, birds, being highly intelligent creatures, quickly discern the lack of real threat posed by such measures.

When seeking effective bird deterrents, it’s crucial to recognize that birds rely heavily on their keen sense of sight. With their sharp color perception, birds navigate their environments, locate food, and avoid predators. Therefore, visual deterrents typically prove more effective than acoustic ones.

In essence, understanding birds’ visual acuity is paramount when implementing deterrents, ensuring a more successful approach to bird control.

bird decoy

Scaring Birds Away with Movement

As previously mentioned, birds are really smart, so static deterrents like predator statues are not going to get you very far. Birds will learn pretty quickly that those are not dangerous and will keep staying around.

So what to do? Exploit movement. A dynamic bird deterrent will definitely work better than a static one, however, if the movement becomes too predictable, you will be back to the starting point.

Unpredictability is The Key

The key to scaring birds away effectively is having in place a deterrent that does not become predictable over time.

In contemporary bird control strategies, automated green lasers have emerged as a highly utilized method due to their consistent and efficient bird deterrent capabilities. Birds instinctively interpret the green laser frequencies as a solid object, prompting immediate flight whenever the beam passes by.

The AVIX Autonomic laser bird deterrent is a 2.0. scarecrow that can be programmed to project a green laser light that approaches birds from different angles at random moments. In this way, it scares them away effectively and permanently, as the system’s movement is never predictable and birds do not get accustomed to it.

This cutting-edge laser bird control technology has demonstrated its ability to reduce bird nuisance by over 70% in diverse locations and situations, including commercial and industrial facilities, agricultural spaces, and electrical substations.

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