March 9, 2022

How to Scare Birds Away Immediately and Permanently

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How to scare birds away immediately and permanently is a very common question as pest birds cause many different issues to human activities:

  • birds spread several diseases, from Salmonella to Avian Influenza;
  • bird’s dropping are highly corrosive and create serious damages to buildings, residential areas and commercial facilities;
  • birds are also greedy at many different crops, leaving growers with huge yield (and revenue) losses.

This short guide will explain how to scare birds away by looking into their nature and instinctive reactions.

How to Scare Birds Away Effectively

Many online articles on how to scare birds away, suggest using visual deterrents like fake predator statues to acoustic decoys like distress calls.

These traditional solutions work only in the short-term because birds are very intelligent animals and learn pretty fast that those threats are not real.

An important thing to consider when researching things to scare birds away is that the bird’s most developed sense is sight. Birds are visual and mobile animals and have a sharp sense of colors, which is essential for finding food, mating, and staying away from predators.

This means that visual deterrents are going to work better than acoustic ones most of the time.

bird decoy

Scaring Birds Away with Movement

As previously mentioned, birds are really smart so static deterrents like predator statues are not going to get you very far. Birds will learn pretty quickly that those are not dangerous and will keep staying around.

So what to do? Exploit movement. A dynamic bird deterrent will definitely work better than a static one, however, if the movement becomes too predictable you will be back to the starting point.

Unpredictability is The Key

The key to scare birds away effectively is having in place a bird control method that does not become predictable over time.

Automated green lasers are nowadays a very utilized bird control method as they scare birds away effectively and continuously. Birds perceive green laser frequencies of a solid object and their natural instinct will make them flee immediately when the beam passes by.

The AVIX Autonomic laser bird deterrent is a 2.0. scarecrow that can be programmed to project a green laser light that approaches birds from different angles at random moments. In this way it scares them away effectively and permanently as the system’s movement is never predictable and birds do not get accustomed to it.

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