November 12, 2015

PestFix debuts Agrilaser Autonomic at PestTech

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PestFix had its most productive PestTech to date recording over 300 visitors to the company’s new-look stand at the National Pest Technicians Association’s (NPTA) flagship one-day event on Wednesday 4 November.

As PestFix director Dan England points out: “Twice the stand translated into twice the footfall as more pest professionals discovered that there’s another distributor working hard to bring them the products and service they need.”

The PestFix stand majored on a debut product, the Agrilaser Autonomic bird dispersal system.

This is the first fully automated outdoor laser bird repeller and PestFix is the UK agent offering pre-sales technical support and next day systems from stock as well as commissioning after sales service and providing warranty support.

The Agrilaser Autonomic incorporates a highly accurate class 2m laser which can be used with pinpoint precision to protect up to 3,600 way points.

Like a guided missile, software controls exactly where and when the laser operates to within a 25mm accuracy.

The system has a 355 degree rotation and 280 degree elevation and up to 16 different zones or buildings can be protected using the one laser. Just one system can protect up to 12 square kilometres from a single location. What’s more the whole system can be solar powered as well as mains operated, making it highly versatile.

Dan explains further: “The Agrilaser Autonomic bird dispersal system is effective on all species of bird. It’s silent, non-lethal and chemical-free. Applications include: industrial roofs, solar panel arrays, astroturf pitches, sports stadiums, retail parks, listed building facades, warehouses – so yes virtually limitless. For a free on-site demonstration please get in contact.”

Source: Pest Magazine

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