January 16, 2024

AVIX Laser Technology: Proven Effective and Non-Lethal Bird Control Method

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Ensuring the safe distance of birds from critical areas is a crucial concern for businesses, as avian presence can pose various challenges, particularly in relation to safety. While traditional, non-lethal techniques tend to be ineffective in the long run, lethal methods provide a more effective solution at the cost of sustainability and animal welfare. In response to this challenge, Bird Control Group, a Dutch company, has introduced a cutting-edge technology that represents a breakthrough in bird deterrence. Their innovative laser bird deterrent, AVIX Autonomic, is both non-lethal and highly effective, addressing the shortcomings of traditional methods and avoiding the ethical concerns associated with lethal approaches. 

Challenges of Traditional Bird Control
Traditional bird control methods like netting, spikes, and sound deterrents often lose effectiveness over time and can be costly to maintain. Visual deterrents such as scarecrows are initially useful but birds quickly habituate, reducing their impact. Physical barriers, although effective, can be expensive and negatively affect the appearance of a location. Sonic and ultrasonic repellents, which use sound to deter birds, face issues with noise pollution and bird habituation. Finally, biological agents like gels and sprays may be harmful to the environment and need regular reapplication to remain effective. To address bird issues, some companies use lethal methods like poisons or traps, raising ethical and legal concerns. With growing emphasis on sustainability and ethics, it is important to balance effective bird control with environmental harmony.

The AVIX Autonomic Laser System: A non-lethal and environmental-friendly alternative
The AVIX Autonomic laser system, backed by scientific validation and ethical considerations, stands as a notable innovation in bird control, offering an approach that respects wildlife wellbeing while effectively addressing bird-related challenges in business environments.

A pivotal shift towards non-lethal yet effective bird control methods is exemplified by laser bird deterrents, with the AVIX Autonomic system taking center stage. This cutting-edge bird control technology has proven to be highly effective in deterring birds, with over 1000 customers around the world reporting a substantial reduction of over 70% in bird activity.

Bird Control Group stands out in the laser bird control sector as the sole company dedicated to ensuring safe bird deterrence. They are actively involved in supporting comprehensive research and studies, collaborating with top-tier institutions like Purdue University, to guarantee their bird repelling methods are both effective and safe. 

The AVIX Autonomic system operates by emitting a green laser light strategically designed to emulate the presence of a predator. Birds perceive these green laser lights as tangible objects, triggering an avoidance response by fleeing the area. The dynamic use of this system facilitates a behavioral shift in birds as they learn to avoid the projected laser area over time.

The system’s continuous motion ensures that a bird’s escape response is triggered before the laser beam reaches its body, minimizing any potential harm. The laser falls into the safe 3B class, ensuring that the bird’s well-being is not compromised.

Further substantiating its effectiveness, a study conducted by Wageningen University showcased an impressive 99% reduction in wild bird presence at poultry farms. This reduction not only signifies the system’s success in bird deterrence but also plays a crucial role in mitigating the risk of avian flu spreading within poultry farm environments. 

Next Steps: Collaboration on Bird-Eye Safety Study
The AVIX Autonomic software improves safety even further by ensuring controlled and secure laser projections. To reinforce the commitment to bird safety, Bird Control Group and Purdue University are jointly conducting a study on bird-eye safety. Purdue University’s Professor Esteban Fernandez-Juricic and his students are quantitatively estimating how safe the AVIX Autonomic system relative to wild birds using an innovative scientific approach that could set new rigorous standards in the use of lasers for wildlife control. This initiative aims to comprehensively assess any potential impact on bird vision, further demonstrating the company’s commitment to safe and ethical bird control practices.

Bird Control Group’s automated laser bird repellent provides 24/7 protection from wild birds by shining a green laser light in the area affected by the problem. Get in touch via the form below if you are interested in learning more.