March 30, 2021

How to Stop Birds from Nesting: a 3 Steps Guide.

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how to stop birds from nesting

Preventing birds from nesting is essential as in many states, it is illegal to remove any active nest from a native bird species. Pigeons, gulls, and sparrows are only a few of the many species that cause severe problems for industrial and commercial environments. They can cause damage to properties and infrastructure, occupational health and safety issues, and biosecurity risks.

Stop Birds from Nesting Effectively 

Companies are often looking for a solution on how to stop birds nesting, as that is the first part of the problem to pest birds in industrial and commercial environments. Standard bird control methods (netting, bird spikes, etc.) are often not feasible and/or economical.

The key to prevent birds from nesting is to create a displeasing climate using multiple bird deterrent techniques and a secure bird management plan.

A bird management program on how to stop birds nesting in the industrial and commercial environment consists of 3 main steps:

1. Assessments and Cleaning

A clear and professional bird management plan should begin with assessing the environment to find out where openings and ideal nesting spaces are located. Once this is complete, it is essential to start removing nests from these areas. The most humane way to remove bird nests is to identify your local nesting season and begin removing nests before that period.

2. Environmental Management

It is crucial to remove attractive aspects to birds to prevent having a recurring problem. The most common element is food; birds are attracted to environments with food availability—providing bins in public areas and banning the feeding of birds in and outside your domain. Sites that are prone to food litter or food spills should be managed effectively regularly.

3. Choosing a Bird Control Tool

Choosing a bird control tool can be tricky, but two recommended tools have proven to work effectively in industrial and commercial environments:

• Acoustic (bio-acoustic) bird control systems emit alarms, distress calls, and birds of prey calls to create a danger zone for birds. This technique is very cost-effective and can be placed easily in pest bird high-risk areas.

• The AVIX Autonomic laser bird deterrent manufactured by Bird Control Group has shown effective results in reducing birds in the commercial and industrial sectors. The system emits a green laser beam that moves along a pre-programmed area specific to the application. The laser beam’s moving projection is perceived as a physical threat by birds and they are immediately spooked from the site. The laser bird deterrent is a silent, automated system and does not require any significant maintenance.

This article has been written by Bird-X-Peller  a partner of Bird Control Group (manufacturer of the laser bird deterrent), located in Australia. Bird-X-Peller provides a combination of bird control tools to reduce bird presence in the commercial and industrial sectors, including the two mentioned above. Bird-X-Peller Australia & New Zealand have experience in professional bird management and can advise clients on successful programs on how to stop birds nesting in their specific applications.

If you would like more information about the laser bird deterrent and other bird control tools in your Australia, please contact Bird-X-Peller.

If you would like to learn more about how to prevent birds from nesting with the laser bird deterrents, request a free quote via the link below. A laser bird control expert in you area will contact you shortly. In order to get ahead of the nesting problem, be sure to start with the preventing measures 2/3 months prior to the nesting season.