May 28, 2015

Teching-up the Horticulture Landscape

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LASER beams, robots and mid-air vegetable cultivation will be on the agenda for over 100 of the country’s leading vegetable growers at the 2015 Global Technologies in Horticulture Seminar to be held on Thursday, June 25, at Jupiters Gold Coast.

The seminar aims to educate Australian growers on the futuristic technology they can employ on-farm, and builds on a highly successful series of annual seminars – facilitated by horticulture industry body Ausveg – to help with the development of the Australian vegetable industry and ensure it remains at the pinnacle of global vegetable production.

It will feature presentations from some of the world’s leading speakers in agricultural technology, including Marc Oshima from the United States, who will discuss making aeroponics (growing plants in air), a commercially viable production method, and Steinar Henskes from the Netherlands who will discuss the use of lasers as a harm-free method of bird control.

“Ausveg is excited to host the world’s leading agricultural R&D experts to show Aussie growers the most innovative technology and production methods from around the world that they can employ to boost the profitability, productivity and sustainability of their operations,” said Ausveg spokesperson Stefan Oberman.

“There is growing momentum within the industry to find ways to help growers embrace technological breakthroughs to assist in improving productivity and profitability. The technology available to growers is now at a point where machines can mechanically identify harvest-ready vegetables and soil nutrient deficiencies.

“Global agriculture is constantly evolving and moving towards increased automation and more innovative production practices in an effort to keep up with rising demand and a globalised marketplace. Ausveg is determined to showcase this technology to our growers so they can remain global leaders in horticulture production.”

According to Mr Oberman, the 2015 Global Technologies in Horticulture Seminar is set to be the most exciting yet.

“If the Australian vegetable industry can leverage the know-how of these agricultural innovators, our growers can boost their on-farm efficiency and productivity to increase the financial performance of their operations, which will ultimately benefit rural families, communities and the entire country.”

For more information please phone Ausveg on +61 3 9882 0277, or send an email.

The 2015 Global Technologies in Horticulture Seminar is funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited using the National Vegetable Levy and funds from the Australian Government.

Source: The Land

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