May 31, 2023

ALDI Facility in Scotland Keeps Roof Safe from Seagulls with the AVIX Autonomic Laser Bird Deterrent

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Location:Bathgate, Scotland;
Application context:Rooftop with 4.000 solar panels;
Problem definition:Safety issues, high cleaning costs and reduced solar panel’s output;
Bird species:Seagulls;
Bird behavior:Birds nesting and fouling among the facility’s solar panels;
Time of the year with bird problems:All year round;
Time of the day with bird problems:From dusk till dawn;
Number of systems:1 x AVIX Autonomic Mark II;
In use since:2019;
Bird reduction after the laser deployment:100%;

ALDI’s Bathgate Distribution Facility immediately witnessed a remarkable 100% reduction in seagulls presence.

Seagull infestation at ALDI’s distribution facility 

ALDI’s Bathgate Distribution Facility faced a severe challenge with a seagull infestation on its rooftop. These birds, nesting and fouling among the facility’s 4,000 solar panels, triggered a series of issues:

  • Contractors refused to perform essential work on the panels.
  • Gulls dropped items, causing damage.
  • Constant cleaning became costly.
  • Reduction in the solar panel’s energy output due to bird guano.

Scottish Pest Control intervention at the facility

Frustrated by the ineffectiveness of traditional gull control methods such as scaring devices and netting, ALDI sought out the expertise of Scottish Pest Control, which came highly recommended by industry peers.

The pest control company immediately understood the severity of ALDI’s situation and suggested deploying the AVIX Autonomic Laser Bird Deterrent. Designed and manufactured by the Dutch company Bird Control Group, this cutting-edge laser bird deterrent system offered a promising alternative to conventional methods.

Scottish Pest Control installed the laser on the facility’s main roof after receiving effective training from PestFix, the official distributor of the AVIX Autonomic in the U.K.

The effective results of the laser bird deterrent AVIX Autonomic

The results were astounding, as ALDI’s Bathgate Distribution Facility immediately witnessed a remarkable 100% reduction in bird presence. The laser bird deterrent had effectively moved the seagulls away by shining a green laser light over the roof that the birds perceived as a predator, making them flee the area.

The once-troubled rooftop is now free from contamination and damage caused by seagulls. Restoring a pristine environment allowed uninterrupted work on the solar panels as contractors regained confidence. No longer burdened by gulls dropping items and causing damage and the constant need for cleaning, ALDI experienced significant cost savings and increased solar panel productivity.

The system was installed in 2019, and after four years, it has maintained its effectiveness as birds do not get used to it. Scottish Pest Control’s commitment to excellence and extensive experience in bird control proved invaluable in resolving ALDI’s seagull issue.

The facility maintenance group at ALDI was so pleased with the laser’s efficiency that they bought another system as a preventative measure for their chilled distribution building a few years later.

“The setup of the lasers is also a lot less intrusive than netting, which was ideal for us. We had a purpose-built chiller constructed at the same site and decided to install lasers on this as well, and to date, we have not had any birds on it.”

ALDI Bathgate Maintenance

Bird Control Group’s automated laser bird repellent provides 24/7 protection from wild birds by shining a green laser light in the area affected by the problem. Get in touch via the form below if you are interested in learning more.