Cookie policy

Bird Control Group’s website ( and other websites that belong to us such as, and may use “cookies” to make our content and your experience on our website more personalised. We use the collected information to analyse which parts of our websites are mostly visited, measure the effectiveness of the web searches, create profiles of our website visitors and optimise the website in the way that is the most valuable for the visitors.

You can also disable cookies in the privacy settings of your web browser. Please, check with your provider to find out how to disable cookies.

To categorise cookies we use ICC UK Cookie guide. The below mentioned cookies are used on our website:

Performance Cookies:
These cookies allow us to collect information on how visitors use our website (which pages are mostly visited, which pages are not and which ones give errors). These cookies don’t collect information that identifies visitors so it is anonymous. The goal of using these cookies is to analyse the behaviour of our visitors and improve our website by delivering the best experience to the visitors.

Functionality Cookies:
We use functionality cookies on our website to remember choices you make while browsing on the website. Depending on your geographic location, the website is presented in the certain language. The content may also be adjusted depending on your region: for example our user experience stories. The collected information doesn’t identify you as a person and it stays anonymous.

Strictly Necessary Cookies:
We use strictly necessary cookies on for example our webshops ( and These cookies are essential and necessary to enable you to move around the website, select items (for the webshops) and perform e-billing.

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