July 4, 2017

Launch of the newest product: Autonomic with PSS

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We are proud to announce the launch of our newest product!

The newest Autonomic has the patented Projection Safety System (PSS) which prevents the system from projecting the laser beam outside of the predefined zones. The user has the ability to set up the safety sensitivity level (low, medium, high and extra high) by choosing appropriate settings based on preferences and characteristics of the zone. The PSS thereby ensures harmless and safe operation of the Autonomic within the selected zones.

We have developed the system which is safe and efficient for many industries: agri-, aqua-culture, industrial sites and factories, offshore, real estate, recreation, renewable energy and aviation.

Now it is your call! Do you still want to stick to the old-fashioned and unreasonably expensive methods? Or are you ready to finally make a change and choose an innovative and effective solution?

You don’t know what to do yet? Contact us and get a month trial of the Autonomic!

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