June 24, 2014

Unboxing of the Agrilaser® Lite

In this video you will see the unboxing of the Agrilaser® Lite and dispersing crows, pigeons and seagulls.

The package contains a storage box, an Agrilaser Lite, a user manual, two rechargeable CR batteries and a charger. The batteries need to be charged after approximately 3 hours of use. The LED on the charger indicates when the batteries are fully charged. The manual gives an explanation about the correct use, safety precautions, warranty and accessories.

Factories and warehouses

The Lite is ideal for indoor use. It is often used for repelling pigeons, crows and starlings in factories and warehouses. Also big gardens and courtyards are locations where the Agrilaser® Lite repels birds. When the laser is being used outside, the Lite is optimized for the dispersal of birds within a range of 1,000 meters. Birds perceive the green laser beam as a physical danger. After systematic use, the birds will consider the area in which the Agrilaser® Lite is used as unsafe and will not return.

Bird Control Group’s automated laser bird repellent provides 24/7 protection from wild birds by shining a green laser light in the area affected by the problem. Get in touch via the form below if you are interested in learning more.